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Fire Safety & Fire Warden Training

Often overlooked, fire training is a mandatory, ongoing legal requirement. A qualified consultant from LTM can help provide you and your staff with fire awareness training for new-joiners and periodic refresher training too. We can also provide fire warden and fire marshal training to selected members of staff to ensure that they are comfortable with their responsibilities in a real fire situation.

Face to face training will typically take place at your premises to ensure that it is bespoke and based upon your surrounding and fire risks relevant to you and your staff. This provides the opportunity to ask our consultant questions, whereas generic online training does not. On completion, a certificate will be issued to individuals that can be held on file to satisfy the requirements of the Fire Safety Order. Adequate fire safety training must be provided for all your staff and volunteers.

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LTM is an approved training centre for Qualifications Network, one of the UKs leading Awarding Organisations for First Aid and Safety qualifications (centre number 15583).

LTM training programmes deliver:
  • Basic fire safety

  • Good housekeeping

  • Actions to take on discovering a fire

  • Actions to take on hearing the fire alarm

  • Procedures for evacuation

  • Staff responsibilities during a fire incident

  • Specialist roles (Fire wardens etc).

What LTM Fire Training covers:
  • The findings of the fire safety risk assessment
  • Explanation of emergency procedures
  • Explain duties of staff, Fire Wardens and Fire Marshalls
  • Easily understandable by all who may be present
  • Be tested by fire evacuation drills at least once per year but preferably twice
Is Fire Training a one off tick box exercise?

No. Staff need to have an understanding of fire risks and know what to do in the event of a fire so that fire safety procedures can be applied effectively. Training should be repeated regularly (annually is preferred option for most) and as necessary i.e. when employees change, i.e. new staff or fire wardens being appointed.

If you had a fire today, is your business prepared?


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No matter how good your fire safety strategy is, there is always a chance a fire could happen…electrical faults, arson and human error are all common causes for fires starting.

Unfortunately, regardless of the size, a fire will always create chaos and have a detrimental impact on your business. Business Continuity Planning is simply identifying the parts of your business that you really cannot afford to lose – such as information, stock, premises and, of course, staff. Once identified, we can help and plan how to maintain these, if a fire does occur.

Fire Door Inspections

British Standard guidance notes that fire doors should be inspected by a competent person every six months.

LTM provide a range of fire door inspection services that can ensure the doors on your site comply with all relevant regulations and are in the right condition to help protect lives in the event of a fire.

Our inspectors have completed courses with the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) to ensure they are fully aware of the requirements of fire door components.

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